“Taming Water” by Alliyah Tabilisma

1. Nourishing, not only by the chain
of animals, but down throats
like smooth molasses drains.
Washing down like gliding boats.

2. The breeze in Hawaii, tropical
and relaxing. Unlike any other,
our low tide scent full
of the native dinner platter.

3. Blanketing down on faces,
mouths wide open to catch.
Freezing fingers or dripping traces
on foreheads, aching to quench.

4. Slushing and soaking feet
from jumping in streams
or seaside fishing to eat,
while the sun’s reflection gleams.

5. Splashing and crashing waves,
punching the rocks of our shore,
slowly embedding the engraves.
Taking in what it tore.

6. Be careful. For the ocean provides,
feeding the creatures underneath.
Causing shipwrecks and tides
that reflect mountains peaks.

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