Volunteer With SEACC!

Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t go it alone

It takes a movement of dedicated supporters to protect the Tongass, its waterways and Southeast Alaska’s salmon strongholds. Just like a strong rope depends on its every fiber, we depend on people power to get the job done. No matter what your skill or talent, or how little or much time you have to spare, we can use your help!

If you are interested in a specific type of volunteering (like at events) be sure to note it in the comments section below! Call the office at (907)586-6942 for more information.

Photo by: Q’on Bear-Clark

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of volunteering will I be asked to do?
The work it takes to achieve big changes can hinge on accomplishing myriad small tasks. By signing up as a volunteer, we’ll reach out to you for projects we need help on which may range from  phone banking to delivering copies of our Ravencall to helping us do research to data entry. When we reach out with a project we need help with, if whatever skills or requirements the project requires sound uncomfortable or outside of your skill set, that’s no problem! We’ll reach out next time with our next project and maybe that will be one that you’re more comfortable tackling.
I don't know what times I'm available to help. Is there any way I can help without giving a specific time commitment?

Yes! We are always looking for social media ambassadors to help get the word out online about important actions and issues. If you have a few minutes to spare here and there in your schedule to share news on Constantine-Palmer Mine, or to encourage people to act on Roadless through your Instagram or Facebook those are all BIG helps.

What kind of time commitment is required?

It will vary from project to project, but at the end of the day every hour you can lend us is a big help. If you’re only able to help out for a few hours on a project that will take days, that’s a big help. If you’re only able to assist for 45 minutes of a 4 hour shift, that’s still a big help. Any amount of time you can lend to a SEACC volunteer project is helpful.