Cruise Ship Dumping

Reasons for Concern

We have heard many concerns from community members and leaders regarding the impact of cruise ships on our Southeast Alaskan waters. In response, we have compiled resources here to provide information on the issue and what it could mean for Southeast communities.

Each year, the size of cruise ships, the number of people they bring, and the voyages they take through Southeast Alaska increases. As a result, the amount of wastewater they produce and dump into Southeast Alaskan waters continues to grow.

There are many concerning environmental and human health impacts associated cruise ship wastewater in Alaska.

What you can do:

Report any discharge you observe in the water that has floating oil, film, sheen or discoloration to DEC. Be sure to note the date, time, dock location, and name of the vessel. Also, describe what it looks like and smells like, and include any photos/videos you have.

Other Topics of Concern



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