“The First Snow on a Long Winter Night” by Izzy Williams

I ~
Picture the way the snow hits the yellowed streetlight in the dead of night.
The bits of white lighting up the inky black backdrop like static on an old TV.
The sky like a chess board from soft flakes falling in their perfectly timed order.

Feel the way it hits your skin,
cold and wet,
freezing and staying in your eyelashes and hair.

Listen to the emptiness,
void of any sound.
The frost canceling the noise,
Silencing the world with a single moment of existence.

Imagine the crisp feeling of the air in your lungs when you breathe it in,
so fresh, so clean.
It tastes of long winter nights,
like taking in a whole season with a singular breath.

Inhale the cold.
Take in every second,
memorize the good feeling.

Remember the memories of when you were young.
Memories of childhood wonder,
of snow days and hot chocolate burning tongues.

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