Tongass Timber Sales

Stop The Sale Of Our Tongass Timber

SEACC has worked to combat industrial scale old-growth clear-cut logging across Southeast Alaska for half a century.

Since 1970, SEACC has watched the Tongass timber industry decline for a variety of reasons: fundamental changes in global timber markets, trade wars, high labor costs, Southeast Alaska’s distance from markets, reduction of federal subsidies, road construction costs, and better economic and environmental regulations. Yet, sadly, roughly 800,000 acres of the biggest, highest quality, financially lucrative and most accessible timber have already been logged.

Even though over the last 40 years, USFS timber sales on the Tongass have cost taxpayers over $1.7 billion — averaging losses of $635 for every thousand board feet (mbf) of timber sold — the Forest Service, State of Alaska, and our Alaska delegation like to live in the past. As a result, large old-growth timber sales continue to be proposed.

Every time a new timber sale is offered on the Tongass that threatens critical wildlife habitat, special places, and subsistence resources, SEACC works hard to engage our best defense – YOU. Learn more and take action today to protect the remaining Tongass old-growth for future generations to come.

Photo by: Haley Kardek