Tongass Stories

Do you have a personal story about the Tongass National Forest that SEACC could use to help defend Roadless Rule protections on the Tongass National Forest?

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SEACC would like to elevate your voice by sharing your story on social media or work with you to turn your story into a letter to the editor or opinion piece.

Stories can be about anything related to the Tongass National Forest. Below, simply tell us why the Tongass is important to you.

Need help getting started? Just answer one (or several) of these questions:

  • Have you visited the Tongass on vacation?
  • Do you hike, climb, ski, bike, paddle, etc. in the Tongass?
  • Do you harvest, hunt and/or fish in the Tongass?
  • Is the Tongass spiritually or culturally important to you?
  • Do you have a business that relies on the health of the Tongass?
  • Do you eat salmon that spawns in the streams of the Tongass?
  • Do you care about the Tongass because of the important role it plays in protecting our planet’s climate?