Working for You and Our Future

We’re focused on protecting the clean waters of the Inside Passage and preserving the old-growth of the Tongass National Forest

Annual Impact Report

A snapshot of our work in 2020

SEACC Supporters

The SEACC supporter list grew nearly 50% from 5,084 to 7,496

New Donors

2020  saw over 200 first-time supporters donate to SEACC’s mission and work, including members from 3 new states!

total donors

This includes 167 people who donated to our 50th anniversary campaign, which successfully raised $50,000 for the next 50 years of SEACC.


Despite our lack of in-person events and the limitations imposed by a year of quarantines and social distance, our community still showed up when called.

actions to protect Inside Passage waters

Our Inside Passage Waters program, with amplification in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), drove a staggering 20,172 community advocacy actions.

actions to protect the Tongass National Forest

Our Tongass Forest Program team helped supporters take 1,925 actions on the Tongass in 2020.

virtual events

We hosted or participated in 16 digital events, including two Roadless Rule webinars, a tele-townhall with National Wildlife Federation and 5 Hunker Down for Climate Change events.

times in the press

SEACC staff were quoted in 56 news stories and mentioned in 77, while the issues we fought for were reported on 253 times.

What We Do

Inside Passage Waters Program

From the headwaters of our transboundary rivers to the estuaries of the Inside Passage, clean water unifies our region and supports the salmon that power our communities.

Tongass Forest Program

From hunters and fishermen to small business owners and Tribal governments, Southeast Alaskans overwhelmingly support protections on the Tongass.

Grassroots Community Organizing

SEACC brings people together in our region and around the world in support of the greatest place on Earth: Southeast Alaska. People power is key to enact lasting change.

Photo by: Leon Werdinger

Photo by: Bill Owen

Tongass Forest Program

Forest management for a sustainable future.

Southeast Alaskans overwhelmingly support keeping the Tongass intact and healthy, so we can fill our freezers with salmon, venison, wild game, berries and mushrooms. We work to preserve the Tongass so it produces healthy, spawning salmon habitat; supports our booming tourism economy so visitors can see bears, eagles and humpback whales rather than deforestation; and protects the carbon-rich soil that acts as a buffer against climate change.

We oppose industrial-scale clearcutting of old-growth trees and the building of needless roads. We support bolstering the economy by investing in the outdoors economy, which sustains more than four times the number of state jobs than oil and gas production, mining and logging combined. We also support bringing new jobs to the area by restoring the 1 million acres of the Tongass that has already been destroyed in decades past.

Inside Passage Waters Program

Keeping Southeast Alaska’s clean water clean.

We envision a healthy, resilient, flourishing Inside Passage, in which communities play a central role in governing local waterways in a holistic, equitable, and collaborative way.  To achieve this vision, we provide resources to advocate for water policies, practices, and philosophies that lead to systemic change throughout the region. We respond to requests from community members and decision-makers for the science-based information and tools needed to support healthy waters in our region. And we create opportunities for multiple narratives, artistic expression, and solutions-based approaches to be included in developing an alternative economic vision for Southeast Alaska, post-mining and logging.

Photo by: Alex Crook

Photo by: Alex Crook