Reno Sommerhalder’s Tongass Story

"I have been visiting the fairy tale forests of the Tongass for more than 30 years. It is like a second home for me."

From Reno Sommerhalder, of Juneau:

“I have watched bears catch salmon and fill their bellies with the important sugar from various species of berries. I have watched whales breach and bubble feed in the waters surrounding these magical islands. I have watched bald eagles soar the limitless skies of Southeast. And I have at last partially sustained myself from eating what the richness of this landscape is offering us all. All of the above magic is in danger of being destroyed or heavily impacted if the U.S. government decides to strip this area of its roadless designation. I trust with all of my heart that the authorities will do the right thing and keep things as they currently are!”

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Douglas Edward’s Tongass Story

Douglas Edward’s Tongass Story

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