“Diverse Blue” by Rio Barkhau

Water is immensely interesting,
It can be seen in so many forms,
Oceans, lakes, rivers, snow, and ice.

They all have different smells.
Oceans smell like brine, snow and ice smell fresh and cold,
Rivers and lakes usually smell clean and pure.

They all have their own taste, too.
When you breathe around the ocean you can taste the salt,
And mountain rivers and lakes taste like a cool glass of water.
Snow and ice taste cold and refreshing.

They make sound, too, oceans crash on the shore,
Rivers make peaceful rippling sounds, lakes are quiet,
Snow and ice seem to dampen all sounds.

Touching a river or lake conveys peace.
While snow and ice convey dangerous cold.
When you touch the ocean, you feel an electric shock of power.

You can also experience water by just thinking about it.
Think about the tranquility of lakes and streams,
The unforgiving cold of ice and snow,
The immense power of the ocean.

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