“Dead of Winter” by Aaliyah Borgaard

From the winter skies drifted down chunks of soft snow
Not an uncommon sight in the dead of winter
Clouds thick with bitter snow, blocking the moons glow.
Blanketing the sky with swirls of dark gray.

In the morning glow of the sun
The snow remains, a reminder of the season.
Glittering in the sun like dazzling gems on a necklace
Calm snow drifts from above

A ball of snow fits snug in my hand.
coldness nips at ungloved hands
melting through cracks and crevices of pink skin.
Dropping back onto the swath of snow

As frigid temperatures produce soft snow,
icy ocean water laps at frozen rocky beaches,
rough waters pick up speed with howls of wind.
dangerous to any that fall over-board.

The icy hands of the ocean pull me in,
Frostbite burns across any skin available to its touch,
The waves pull me out, away from the warmth of home.
a dangerous place, the cold ocean is.

But as much as terror as the cold ocean brings,
Calmness is pulled in by the current on a sunny day,
There are two sides in the dead of winter.
Both sides merge into one season.

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