“Aqua’s Divine Light” by Silver Antonette Bustamante Gonzales

I walk down the golden sand observing the blue waves crashing
The sublime sounds of the blueness and all its deity
The adulation of the sea lifts me and has me gasping
I keep my composure and absorb all of the divinity

As I am engulfed by the depths of the cerulean beast
I see the golden and silver linings shining and shimmering
The tenebrosity swallows me, quiet and discreet
A new sound I hear, the sound of weeping and shivering

I search for the sound, the sound that I hear
Then a woman dissolves into my gaze filled with dismal
I feel her pain and I discern how much it is severe
Then she vanishes with the lights, white and crystal

The tugs of the azure basilisk coerces me to ascend
Lifts me up and delivers me to what seems like heaven
The ripples of cobalt and pearl, I comprehend
I watch the horizon, and once again, there was the golden sand

— Silver Antonette Bustamante Gonzales is a seventh grader at Blatchley Middle School in Sitka, Alaska

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