“We and the sea” by Rhiannen Sprague

We and the sea

We revolve around the sea.
The sea revolves around us you see?
The sea needs me, the sea needs us
We share the sea without a fuss
The sea is all of us, the sea is me.

The Night

The water is us,
The water is me,
The water is you and me,
We are all connected to the sea.
Water is pure,
Like the ripples of water from a lure,
Cast in and hang tight,
Tonight you might just get a bite.

Rain drops

Raindrops fall from the autumn sky
Feel them fall and begin to fly
Fly high to the sun and moon
Adios! I’ll be back by noon!


Rain rain falling from the sky
The sound of rain drops landing echoes through the sky
It lands and feeds the flowers and trees
When it stops with no sign of a breeze
Silent as a ghost on a haunted night
But sometimes all you need is a light.

— Rhiannen Sprague is a seventh grader at Blatchley Middle School in Sitka, Alaska

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