“Water Shows No Mercy” by Hunter Littlefield

Waking up to the pitter patter of water dripping through the cracks in the roof
Climbing out of the bunks the noise gets louder and louder
Waves crashing into the boat sounding like earthquakes

Opening the hatch to get into the galley the cold wind and rain chills every part of your body
Water splashing in through a broken window soaking you as water runs down your legs
Water filling up the galley floor swishing side to side passed your feet

the sudden realization that you’re in trouble sends shivers down your spine
As you watch the water pore in through all directions like a sand pit filling up when you’re at the bottom
Running sluggishly through the water trying to get out

Forcing your way through the rushing water only to see how bad the situation really is
The bright lights of the boat can’t pierce through the wall of rain
A wave hits the side of the boat shooting water into the air making everything dark for a split second

You can feel your hair start to freeze until it snaps like a twig
The swaying of the boat back and forth with a sudden lurch with every rogue wave
As you lose feeling in your wet toes and fingers desperately trying to keep ahold of something

the boat leans to its side launching you into the cold dark water
the air in your chest seemingly vanishing as the water covers your body
legs start to go numb until you sink to the bottom of the cold dark merciless water

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