“A Love-Hate Relationship with Water” by Jordan Dougan

On the surface of the sea, she sees peacefully rolling waves.
Below, whole cities of organisms, deep, vast, and diverse,
more vibrant and colorful than an oily puddle,
breeding, feeding, surviving, waging war.

He struggles through the storm,
rain soaked, bike wheels spitting up mud,
barely feeling alive, his face numb,
living for the future.

Southeast Alaska life in a nutshell:
I often find myself at war
with the very thing keeping me alive.

A rainbow is a demonstration,
nature displaying the beauty
of the simplest elements,
water and light, the source of all life.

Whether in tears or from the sky,
from springs, rivers, or streams,
it’s all just water crawling back,
always moving towards the sea.

Water, in all its simplicity,
contains a lesson: be humble,
we drink the from the same fountain as our ancestors.

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