Oct. 6! Catch the Turnagain Marine presentation on Lutak Dock.

Written by Shannon Donahue

October 4, 2022

This Thursday, October 6 at 6:30 PM, Turnagain Marine Construction will give a presentation on Lutak Dock development. There will be an opportunity for Q&A after their presentation. This meeting will take place in Assembly Chambers and on Zoom. This is your opportunity to learn about the latest plans — important since the concept has been changing faster than the weather lately — ask questions, and put your concerns on the record.

Click here for meeting agenda and Zoom information.

Less than two weeks ago, the Haines Borough Assembly voted unanimously to enter a contract with Turnagain Marine Construction for Lutak Dock development, despite significant public opposition, and very little demonstrated community support for the project. Once again, a broad spectrum of the community weighed in with written and oral public comments asking the Borough to slow down the process, hold public meetings, and involve the community. An overwhelming majority of the comments opposed the resolution or asked for more time and public input so the community could vet the project before committing $310,000 to a contract. If you were among those who spoke up, thank you.

A ”public meeting” run by the company that we are paying to develop the dock after the Borough entered a contract, isn’t exactly what we’d been asking for in terms of public process, but it’s an opportunity to make the most of what we’ve been given.  

I know this has been an incredibly frustrating process for many of us. Our community has truly stepped up to ask our local government for transparency, and a slower, inclusive process that genuinely seeks community input and involves us in decision-making for our future. While it’s been difficult to see the Borough government dismiss hundreds of public comments and push forward with their development plans, the community’s courage and clarity in speaking up for Lutak Inlet and the Chilkat Valley have been inspiring.

Your comments help to build the record of opposition to this project, and even when the Assembly’s vote doesn’t reflect the will of the community, that record helps us to protect our home and advocate for more thoughtful community and economic planning in the future. 

This Thursday, please attend Turnagain Marine’s public meeting to learn about their plans, ask your questions, and voice your concerns. 

Thank you for your engagement to protect our home!

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