Thorne Bay Basin Integrated Resource Management Project public comment opportunity

Written by Katie Rooks

October 16, 2023

The Forest Service is proposing to log and treat more than 25,000 acres of young-growth timber near Thorne Bay and we are justifiably concerned. The Thorne Bay Basin Integrated Resource Management Project was initially scoped in 2022, but due to an intense response, the Forest Service re-scoped it recently and our first opportunity to comment ends Thursday, Oct. 19.

What you can say:

  • An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) should be prepared and not the currently proposed Environmental Assessment (EA). 
  • A young growth sale that results in round log exportation to foreign countries is not in line with the Southeast Alaska Sustainability Strategy and isn’t what’s best for Southeast Alaska communities.
  • Current plans show the project generating a huge clear cut, adding to the cumulative impact of other projects in the Thorne Bay area.

Share your comments here.

Thorne Bay Basin IRMP

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