SEACC welcomes three new faces to the team!

Written by Meredith Trainor

February 5, 2021

I am so excited today to announce and introduce you to three new members joining the SEACC staff and Board of Directors!

Please join me in welcoming our new Tongass Forest Program Manager, Chiara D’Angelo, and two new board members, Chloey Cavanaugh and Grant Echohawk.

New Staff

Chiara is joining SEACC after 10 years of experience working in a variety of positions advocating for the protection of the environment. She has worked with communities and organizations throughout the country to promote policies that protect endangered wildlife, watershed health and forests through grassroots organizing and advocacy. Throughout her career, Chiara has designed and implemented strategic campaign plans to bring about effective people-powered political change. She is thrilled for the opportunity to bring these experiences to SEACC and our work protecting the Tongass at this critical time in history.

As the Tongass Forest Program Manager, Chiara will work closely with SEACC staff, supporters, and community members to promote policies that protect our rainforest home, like restoring Roadless Rule protections on the Tongass. Chiara will play a key role in helping our communities organize with the new Biden Administration and Congress to restore and strengthen protections to our forests. She is eager to help us continue building grassroots power by engaging communities in support of sustainable forest practices here in Southeast.

This is Chiara’s second week in the office, so be sure to write and say hi at

New Board

Chloey is a child of the Was’ineidi Tax’Hit, Eagle Wolf clan in Kake, Alaska and credits her commitment to community and culture from her grandfather Archie Cavanaugh. Born and raised in Southeast, Chloey believes that the panhandle of Alaska is more than the enchanting beauty it beholds, but a teacher, a way of life, and a distinct part of her Tlingit identity passed down from generation to generation.

Utilizing her Bachelors in communications and integrated marketing, Chloey works with small businesses in the Pacific Northwest through website design, graphic branding, and strategic marketing. True to her roots, Chloey is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Don Abel Building Supply in Juneau and uses her relatable and friendly storytelling to craft brands that resemble their unique owners. As a LGBTQ+ woman, Chloey takes pride in dedicating her spare time to various activism groups, exemplified by her seat on the Seattle Pride Board of Directors.

Chloey believes that Indigenous voices belong at the heart of environmental justice and seeks to use her traditional Tlingit values to guide her decisions on the SEACC Board of Directors.

Grant was born in Fairbanks and raised in Southeast Alaska before he explored the United States and this amazing planet of ours. Although he was able to experience beautiful places and have memorable adventures, the call of Southeast Alaska brought him back to Ketchikan in 2018.

Always a strong advocate for conservation and protecting our water, forests, and wildlife, Grant is especially passionate about making sure his home state remains as pristine and beautiful as possible for as long as possible. Since returning to Alaska, he has had the opportunity to travel throughout the region and has been making new, incredible memories with his trusty sidekick, Nueq, at his side.

With a background in business management and finance, Grant sees opportunities to shift attention from resource extraction over to industries that are not only more sustainable but also help in keeping Alaska the beautiful place that draws international visitors and admiration. Viewing conservation efforts as both pragmatic and philosophical endeavors, he hopes to help find a way back to equilibrium with our environment as it has sustained Alaskans for thousands and thousands of years.

Welcome to the team Chiara, Chloey and Grant! We are so excited to have you, and SEACC is looking forward to working with all three of you to protect the places we love.



Meredith Trainor,

SEACC Executive Director

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