SEACC Promotional Clothing Design Request for Proposals 2022

Written by Mel Izard

February 18, 2022


Since 1970, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC) has sought to permanently protect the biologically productive Tongass National Forest watersheds and areas important to Southeast Alaska’s people and ecosystems while fostering communities that thrive through the sustainable use of our region’s resources.

Our current primary logo is the thumbprint with insets of water, mountains, sun, and sky and our organization’s name fully spelled out. 

You can request a copy of SEACC’s style guide and more information on our current branding by emailing For more information on what we do, visit our homepage.

Current Merchandise 

Our current merchandise designs are available on our online store at

Statement of Work and Project Outcomes


We are looking for designs acknowledging our history of protecting the holistic health of the trees, lands, water bodies, and communities that comprise Southeast Alaska. We want to appeal to everyone who lives in “Southeast” while evoking the importance of managing our renewable resources for generations to come. We want the designs to be cool, fun, and identifiable to not only our supporters but to anyone who has emotional ties to the region.

Finished Products

  • A new version of our logo, either round or square, with our name fully spelled out and can easily be used on hats, stickers, or social media profile images.
  • Two to three base designs for T-shirts, primarily
    • Designs that tie in one or more of the following: trees/forests, mountains, ocean/water, community, recreation, wildlife (especially salmon), and/or glaciers. This should elicit an emotional reaction to the places we live in and love. Artistic license is encouraged with this one!
  • The designs should be intended for use on the following products:
    • T-shirts
    • Hats
    • Infant onesies
    • Other branded items like mugs
    • Social media profile imagery

Previously successful designs have reflected an intimate familiarity with our Southeast Alaskan ways of life — and that reflect on the longevity, past, and future of our 52-year-old organization. 

Specific examples include the careful care in selecting a Sitka Spruce silhouette for our “Let’s Grow Old Together” T-shirt, accompanied by the subtle reference both to old-growth and to the organization’s long lifespan. Likewise, our “We Eat Fish” design resonates with active fishers in a thoughtful paired set of colorways, and our salmon T-shirt includes anatomically accurate salmon and Southeast Alaska fishing boats.

We are looking for a Southeast Alaska-based designer, or a designer with roots and ties to Southeast. Due to cost constraints, we would prefer items that can be printed in one ink color, with our branding in a legible fashion that will help tie the design to our organization. Designs should be intended for use on clothing for all genders, with aesthetic consideration for where the artwork would land on a variety of body types. 

A potential contract can be discussed based on a design briefing and review of your cost proposal. In creating your cost proposal, know we are hoping to contract for roughly eight to 10 hours of design work.

If you are interested in pursuing this contract, or have any questions, please email to schedule a design briefing. During the briefing, you can provide further information about your portfolio and SEACC can further describe its design vision. 

We are hoping to schedule briefings with designers on the week of March 14, 2022.

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