It’s time to act for Alaska’s climate!

Written by Matt Jackson

January 30, 2023

If you’ve been following SEACC’s climate work then you know we’ve been working hard with allies from across the state to urge our legislature to finally do something about the climate and energy crisis. This is the week to level up your actions in support of the Renewable Energy Fund and the Green Bank by calling your representative

Even just briefly letting your representative’s staff know that addressing climate change is important to you can make a difference and make it easier for specific climate policies to move forward. Here are a few things you can mention:

  • Share a specific impact from your life, positive or negative, whether it’s extreme weather events, changing fisheries, high energy bills, or how much you love your heat pump or EV.
  • The Renewable Energy Fund is a state grant that funds renewable energy projects, but it’s set to expire this year. Tell them you support its renewal, and you support additional funding for the program.
  • The Green Bank is a proposed state agency that would make it easier to get financing for money-saving home improvements like heat pumps or energy efficiency upgrades. Tell them you support creating a Green Bank.
  • End with how urgent climate change is to you, but also emphasize the economic benefits. Green energy is cheaper for the state and the consumer, and it creates jobs! The Renewable Energy Fund and the Green Bank are both great investments of public funds that will lead to more economic growth.

SEACC staff and our friends from the Alaska Climate Alliance are holding meetings with key legislators all week, so your calls will make a difference by letting them know how broad our support is! 

Once you’ve made your call, you can also chip in by signing our Renewable Energy Fund and Green Bank petitions! And if you’re in Juneau, the Alaska Climate Alliance is holding a rally at the Dimond Courthouse Plaza at noon on Friday! I hope in one way or another you contribute to this movement — the crisis is too great to not do something about it this week.

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