Comment: Take 30 seconds to request an extension on the Palmer Project 5-Year PoO comment period

Written by Aaron Brakel

April 17, 2024

How long does it take you to read a 300-page novel? Now, how long do you think it would take to read 294 pages of a mine’s 5-year operating plan?

OK, you don’t really have to answer that — we can tell you now that two weeks to read the Palmer Project’s 5-year Plan of Operations and comment is not enough time.

We need at least a 30-day comment period.

Before we do anything else, our best bet is to request an extension on the Plan of Operations comment period, which opened April 10 and currently closes April 24. You can request an extension using the public comment form. We’re asking the Alaska Department of Natural Resources for an extension until May 10, allowing for a 30-day comment period. 

Meanwhile, you can count on us to read and analyze the Plan of Operations and let you know what we learn. We want to make it easy for you to provide an informed and effective comment. 

About the Palmer Project

The construction and operation of the proposed Palmer Mine — 18 miles upstream from Jilkaat Heeni, the Chilkat River, and the community of Klukwan, and 35 miles from the town of Haines — could jeopardize the health and well-being of salmon and all who depend on them. The silver, zinc, copper, and gold ore currently being explored by Constantine Metal Resources is located in an area of high rainfall, seismic activity, and in a massive sulfide deposit, which will likely lead to the leaching of acid mine drainage and heavy metals into the watershed.

Threats of that magnitude require in-depth analysis and comments that identify the significant concerns about operating a mine that could devastate the region. Two weeks is not enough time.

Learn more about Jilkaat Heeni and the Palmer Project here.

Thank you for commenting and asking AKDNR for an extension on the Palmer Project 5-year Plan of Operations comment period. 

P.S. Your comment can be as simple as this:
Please extend the comment period on the Palmer Project 5-year Plan of Operations to 30 days, ending May 10. More time is needed to thoroughly read and meaningfully comment.

P.P.S. We did our research. It takes, on average, almost three hours to read 100 pages, but that’s assuming you’re reading a novel and not trying to analyze a dry technical document. 

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