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Big Thorne Update - SEACC files appeal

Blog: For years, SEACC has worked with regional partners to advocate micro sales, develop community-scale forest projects that support local businesses, and promote the region’s small sawmills. Our organization remains opposed to industrial-scale clearcuts that rely on exports—curtailing the export of round logs to Asia would increase jobs per log cut on the Tongass while eliminating massive, controversial old-growth sales. Read More »

Transboundary mine OPENED on Stikine this week

Blog: The Red Chris mine is owned and operated by Imperial Metals. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because that same corporation ran the infamous Mt. Polley Mine, where the tailings dam breached last summer, sending 25 million cubic meters of toxic sludge into the Fraser River watershed. Read More »

Update on the Juneau road extension

Blog: A year ago, construction of a dead-end road through the heart of Berners Bay appeared imminent. Today, not so much. What happened? Read More »

Juneau road hanging on by a thread, help us cut it!

Blog: Delighting proponents of sanity statewide, Governor-elect Walker stated his intention to suspend mega projects shortly after taking office. He’s done good on his promise and gone on to cut the controversial Susitna Dam and Ambler road from the capital budget, and didn’t add funding for the dead-end Juneau road. Read More »

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In Southeast Alaska, our families, jobs, and quality of life are intimately tied to the healthy fish, wildlife, and wild places of the Tongass National Forest.

SEACC exists to protect this globally unique temperate rainforest, while fostering communities that thrive through the sustainable use of our region's resources.

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